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View CAD files in your Windows PC without having the need to install any additional CAD software

AutoCAD software is used primarily in the design industry where products such as automobiles, furniture and instruments need to be designed. But once you have a saved a design file in the proprietary AutoCAD format, it is difficult to view it in any other PC which does not have the necessary CAD software installed in it. Free DWG Viewer aims to solve this major problem by allow users to open CAD based files in their PCs even if they do not have any compatible CAD software installed in their PC. This program supports formats like DWF, DXF, and AutoCAD DWG. The key highlight of this program is that it comes with dual mode compatibility which allows it to function as a standalone desktop application and at the same it functions as an ActiveX control when using the Internet Explorer. Hence, it is a truly versatile application for anyone who wants to view CAD files. There are several different viewing options available to the user and they can also make use of the snap-to-geometry feature. But the free version of Free DWG Viewer is not loaded with all the interesting features that come with the paid version. Hence, it is advisable for users to go for the paid version of the program if they are absolutely sure that they have a need for such a program in their PC. Zooming of images as well as 360 degree rotation is supported in the program too.
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